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  • Reading: Asylum by Roux
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One of my friends told me to watch Axis Powers: Hetalia. We're both big anime fans and we suggest anime to each other, and a while a go he suggested I watch Axis Powers: Hetalia. When I first watched Axis Powers: Hetalia I thought "Wow, this seems to have a lot of wasted potential to just be a comedy". Then I thought: "Wow, this is funny. I am now a fan." Which meant that I do what I do when ever I'm a fan of something: obsess and write fanfiction about it.

Which of course leads me to the fandom.

I knew about the Hetalia fandom when I first stared watching anime (the first anime I ever watched was Black Butler, because I was obsessed with Victorian England. To quote one of my favorite actors ever "If I had known what I was getting into I would have said 'no' and it would have been a mistake") I heard all these things about how yaoi crazy and weeaboo-ish they were (I had no idea what those terms meant at the time, so I really didn't get the gist of it).

Let me just get somethings out there. My Hetalia OTP: GerIta. Ships I like: FrUK, SpaMano, SuFin. Ships I don't like: UsUK. Ships I despise: Canada and America with anyone (though I can stand Japan and America, but nothing else).

Sorry to list all my ships out, but I had to get those out of the way.

Another thing that I need to get out of the way:

Yaoi= sexy (disclaimer: in my opinion)

Yuri= sexy (disclaimer: in my opinion)

Henti= sexy (disclaimer: in my opinion)

I like it all.

Now back to the rant.

Of course the first thing I start off with is parings. After all that's the biggest problem with the fandom (note:sarcassm).

And the first shipping war: UsUK vs. FrUK. As stated above I ship FrUK, and I don't know why. It seemed like there were all these good reasons before (it's incest and I hate that [I'm not sure I can say that after watching part of Ouran School Host Club. I think I might ship the twins, but I'm still not sure], all UsUK shippers are yaoi-crazed weeaboos, etc.), but as I kept looking into it I don't know why I don't like it, or why I ship FrUK. I just do. One of the reasons I hate Hunger Games is because I got enough love triangle shit in Twilight (Team Edward in the books, Team Jacob in the movies). I've always been a canon shipper from shipping Aang and Katara in Avatar: the Last Airbender to Harry and Ginny from Harry Potter, and I'm not the most obsessed person shipper wise so when I see shipping wars I don't get it.

Which brings me to another things. I read somewhere that the creator of Hetalia (Hidekaz Himaruya) wasn't going to do any relationship like that, and honestly I don't blame him. I would be to afraid of fangirls to even do that. Which means that the only canon pairing that is canon is Holy Roman EmpirexChibitalia/Italy. You also might count AustriaxHungary because they were married, but in that case you'll have to count every person he's ever been married to (and at this moment the only one I can think of is Spain), and I see them more as friends in a political marriage then lovers.

And on the note of "afraid of fangirls" I am afraid of posting my OC Ireland because I think I'm going to piss someone off by: A) revealing the fact that I took England's age and height into account when I made her (and to base an OC after a canon character is a big "no no"), because I wanted England to be the youngest and shortest in his family, excluding Sealand (it just seems so like him to be the shortest and youngest, but represents the United Kingdom).
B) I'll get some historical fact wrong and someone will chew me out (which is why ever since I thought of her I've been trying to watch a 5 hour long documentary on the history of Ireland, but I keep getting distracted by cosplay videos.
C) that I made an OC at all, or that I didn't give her a beer belly (when ever I think of Ireland I think of those dancers instead of beer)

And while I'm of the subject of things I don't like how's this for a title:

Portrayal of the Bad Touch Trio</b></u>

See that's how much I don't like it. I italicized, bolded, and underlined it.

Let's start with Francis "the rapist" Bonnefoy. I believe France is the one that said "love should never be forced" and by the nickname people have given him I don't think they remember that. It is true that he loves beautiful things, no matter what age, gender (or lack there of), but that doesn't mean he's going to force a very pretty flowerpot to have sex with him. While he does believe in spreading l'amour he's not going to force anyone into anything they don't want to do. And I know what your thinking "what about that one time with England at the Olympics?" 1) It's England, they've been fighting and teasing each other for centuries, and while I do think he was trying to get him naked (if only to tease him and make perverted jokes) I don't think he was trying to rape him. 2) France is one of the biggest teases out there, but that's what he does. He teases. And sometimes gropes, but I don't think he means any harm by those. Again, he only teasing. Not raping. And I hate rape jokes. What does this have to do with France? Nothing, but I really hate rape jokes. And another thing: he doesn't cheat. End of story.

Gilbert "the pervert" Beilschmidt. The only things I can think of that would have earned that nickname would be that scene with Hungary where her chest was showing and him taking Austria's "vital regions". In the scene with Hungary he was looked off when her breasts were showing, and he was blushing awkwardly. After all, this was his childhood rival/frienamy, who is suddenly now female, with female body parts that usually are kept heavily clothed in that day and age, and there she is, wearing a shirt that Vs down to her belly button. It would have been awkward as hell even if Gilbert was female, let alone male. Also there's the fact that shortly afterwards she starts wearing dresses and stops hunting and acting like she used to. (And girl wounder why boys are confused by their actions, even I as a female was confused by that). And now let's talk about 'vital regions'. First of all, it was Austria who said that, not Prussia. And who ever said that 'vital regions' were sexual organs? You don't need a penis to live, and 'vital' means you need it to survive, so wouldn't make more sense to be the heart or some other important internal organ? (by the way did Prussia take Austria's capital or something. I always hear 'vital region' but I never know what was taken.) Along with those the last thing I can think of is his "Five meters of Awesome", and if talking about the length of one's penis is perverted then all my girlfriends are complete perverts because they talk about their penises all the time. Also Prussia never said that either. A fan said that.

Antonio "the pedo" Fernandez Carriedo. I'm not sure how much I can say about this one. Only that I really think it's weird. After all the only thing I can find that would even suggest that he was a pedophile is that he like cute kids. (...) I like cute kids. My dad likes cute kids. My mom likes cute kids. I bet almost everyone reading this (if anyone is) like cute children, and does that mean were all pedophiles? No. Also, along with rape, pedophilia is nothing to joke about. Sorry to be a kill joy, but it's not.

Hmmmm... Let's see, what else can I talk about...

Okay, how about this awesome England and France cosplyers! Before the panel the France cosplayer said that they had never met each other before, but you can hardly tell, that's how in character they are. First video ->…

Or this awesome writer on S/He writes mostly GerIta stuff, but I read and loved most of her/his stuff and s/he became the first writer I have watched ever. Profile ->…

And on here their are two people I must mention.

The first is :iconthelosthype: who I must share internet love for because of his/her brotherly America and Canada comics. And his/her ongoing comic called "These Gates" is amazing, and historical, which is always a wonderful thing. Hell, I can go as far as to say that his artist is the one reasons that Canada is is my favorite character. I prefer the this artist portrays him better to almost all versions of him, including Suicidal!Canada, Cutter!Canada, and Snapped!Canada (which are honestly some of my favorite portrayals of him) and honestly s/he made Canada more badass in his quiet, Canadian way.

The second is :iconexclusivelyhetalia: Who does follow through with that weird sentence that's under her (this time I don't have to go s/he!) name: "For all your Hetalia needs." One of my favorite comics is called "An American in Paris" and is it by her. And I love it, it it one of my favorite Hetalia comics ever, for being both funny and heartache-y at the same time. And I must thank her for separating her gallery into categories like "for chuckles" and "for angst" so I can find exactly what I want, whether it be America stuck in a chimney or having a monkey on his head ("The Thing at the Bottom is a Space Heater", and "Hetalia: Monkeys", respectively) or America carving the superman insignia into his chest (Hetalia: And I'll be the Hero...!). Also she helped me discover a new love with Death!Italy.

It's just a shame with all the things this fandom has to offer people are being chased away simply because people take this a bit too seriously.

And that's my rant. How do think I did? I think I started off strong, but got a bit weak at the ending.

Also if you want to argue I answer all comments, even if I ignore them forever.

Disclamer: This is my opinion


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I want to be a writer. I love Star Trek: The Next Generation, Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl, Soul Eater, Black Butler.

My favorite color is blue.

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